What a nutrious school lunch.. pizza and a sugary fruit drink

Recently I came across an article in Time that completely shocked me: French children have a five course meal every day at school!

French Children Eat Better Than Most Americans
This begins in preschool, and each meal includes an hors d’oeuvre, salad, main course, cheese plate and dessert. These kids are taught right from the get go that food should be taken seriously, eaten slowly and that everything should be consumed in moderation. This is what we need to be teaching our kids from an early age.

What most kids eat at school

French Also Great At Meal Planning
Every two months the French send out the school lunch menu for all of the schools, and no meal is repeated in that period. The menu also includes suggestions for what the children should eat for dinner, all according to what they had for lunch.

The author of the article for some reason struggled with this whole lunch concept, preferring for her son to come home for lunch. This is what I find confusing–It seems like he would be getting a great meal at school, much better than many American children even get at home.

Kids will eat processed chicken at school, or bring it from home in the form of lunchables

US School Lunches Need To Change
Despite our many disagreements with France over the years, we should follow in their footsteps on this. There is something wrong with our schools for serving processed pizza and strawberry milk for BREAKFAST!

After watching Jamie Oliver’s new show on ABC (which I will blog about later), it showed me how much of America is not ready to change. Many people here don’t see a problem with the way we eat, even with the large obesity number staring them in the face.

Children should be taught about healthy eating as soon in their life as possible, and schools should be responsible for it. They teach kids how to read and write and other healthy behaviors, why not what to eat? That way even the kids with the least stable home environments could get a healthy meal at lunch.

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