Mmm corned beef on caraway rye!

My brother and I were picky eaters growing up, but somehow our family got us to eat corned beef sandwiches. Every once and awhile I get a big craving for one, and so my roommates and I were happy to find a great Jewish deli in Chicago-The Bagel! Here’s a review of our meal there one Friday night.


Free Pickles and Bread While You Wait

Even though it was a Friday night in Lakeview, the Bagel wasn’t too busy. Probably because of the crappy weather, since the food was delicious!

Their menu is huge, they have all of the deli staples like corned beef and pastrami and matzo ball soup to brisket and bagels with lox. I finally settled on my old stand by, corned beef on caraway rye. We also got a huge matzo ball soup to share.

After we ordered, what arrived at our table but a huge plate of pickles and a bread basket with challah and bagel chips. That won me over right away, two of my favorite things, for free! I could eat both of them all day long.

Verdict on the Food: Delicious

The matzo ball soup arrived shortly after that, and my meal could have been just that and the challah and pickles and I would have been happy. The matzo ball was HUGE, definitely enough for the three of us to share.

Matzo Ball Soup from the Bagel

The rest of our food took a little while, probably because my friend Dani ordered the brisket meal. It was definitely worth the wait though. The corned beef sandwich had at least a pound of meat on it, and great caraway rye bread. I should hope there would be that much meat on it, considering with the side of fries the sandwich was $12.50!

We will be back!

Even though as poor college students we were a little shocked to each pay $20 for dinner, it was well worth it. We picked up some bagels and lox and headed back out into the cold.

Overall I really enjoyed the Bagel and will definitely be heading back there again when a corned beef craving strikes. I think I even liked it better than, gasp, Carnegie Deli! And it’s slightly cheaper and not as hectic. And of course it’s here in Chicago and not New York.

What do you think, am I crazy to think there’s better corned beef in Chicago than New York?

Photo credits
Corned Beef: Creative Commons/Flickr/Tannazie
Matzo Ball Soup: Dani Samons