Crowds line up at Chef Ludo Lefebvre's food truck at the LA Street Food Fest

Food trucks are heavily restricted in Chicago, which is surprising considering places like LA and my hometown of Minneapolis have food trucks. Here you can have a food truck, but you can’t cook or do any food prep on board. The food has to be prepared and packaged in a licensed kitchen and then brought on the truck.

I’ve grown to love food trucks after going to a great taco truck in New Orleans with my friend Jamie, where I had the best chicken in red sauce taco ever.

There is also a food truck that goes around the Twin Cities during the summer, called the Chef Shack. They use local and mostly organic ingredients and everything is mouthwatering. They have a soft shell crab sandwich that I still find myself craving, and I’m definitely going to have to get one next time I’m home. They also have delicious Indian spiced mini donuts and a bison burger.

Mmmm soft shell crab

So I came across this article in the Chicago Tribune today about one of the many chefs who wants to get the laws changed in Chicago. Matt Maroni and his wife want to launch a movement in Chicago and have even created the Chicago Food Trucks website to get the word out.

There is one food truck operating in Chicago right now called Flirty Cupcakes. They are allowed to operate since they don’t actually make the cupcakes on the truck. They update their Facebook and Twitter accounts to where they’ll be and I’ve been meaning to go find them and try a McDreamy cupcake (chocolate cake with a cream cheese and chocolate filling!). That will be my mission for next weekend.

So what do you think, are you freaked out by food made on a truck? Or do you think food trucks should come to Chicago?

Photo credits:
Food truck: Creative Commons/Flickr/Ricardodiaz11
Crab: Creative Commons/Flickr/Stu_Spivak