I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since my last post! Things have been pretty crazy and busy, I’ve been doing an internship and a summer class, and we just moved to a new apartment! So I haven’t done much cooking lately… And the cooking my roommates and I have been doing has been pretty simple or a lot of the same recipes we always use. As for eating out, I have been doing a lot of that… but I keep forgetting to take pictures, whoops.

So I realized I should probably start another blog that will be easier to keep up with: Know-It-All Ash! My friends always call me a know-it-all so I might as well live up to it. I’ll be writing about news stories, politics, tv, books and all kinds of things, so come check it out!

I’ll be updating College Girl Cooks occasionally too, once I get back into a normal schedule.