Jamie's Oliver's new book

I’ve been a fan of Jamie Oliver since his first show, “The Naked Chef.” So when I heard that he was going to have a new show on ABC about changing the food habits of the US I got pretty pumped. And it lived up to most of my expectations…besides the fact that most of the people in the West Virginia town of Huntington were not as thrilled that he was there. (more…)


What a nutrious school lunch.. pizza and a sugary fruit drink

Recently I came across an article in Time that completely shocked me: French children have a five course meal every day at school!

French Children Eat Better Than Most Americans
This begins in preschool, and each meal includes an hors d’oeuvre, salad, main course, cheese plate and dessert. These kids are taught right from the get go that food should be taken seriously, eaten slowly and that everything should be consumed in moderation. This is what we need to be teaching our kids from an early age. (more…)