Yeah we really need to invest in some soup crocks..

I know everyone, it’s been awhile. I’ve been working a lot, and then there’s school of course. It’s been one of the first times in my life I haven’t been able to eat regular meals and it’s been tough trying to work out a schedule.

I had some time this afternoon, and a Friday night off of work for once, so I decided to cook tonight. The past few days have finally felt like fall, so I really wanted to make soup. In the two years I’ve known Dani I still haven’t made french onion soup for her, so tonight’s the night.  (more…)


Chicago Restaurant Week 2010 ended yesterday. For 10 days over 170 restaurants in the Chicagoland area had prix fixe lunches for $22 and dinners for only $33! So of course my friends and I had to try a few.

Two weekends ago we had lunch at The Melting Pot (real original I know, but Kim and I had never been!), which was good but not post worthy. This weekend we had lunch at the River North location of Rockit Bar & Grill, which was, to say the least, amazing.

French Onion Soup from Rockit